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John Westbrook

Prairie Fire
Angels of Horses
Ghost Riders instrumental
He's a Cowboy
What Came First, the Heartache or the Sad Song
Montana's Calling Out to Me
Where The Raven Goes
Cowboy Poets
Back in the Saddle Again
Rodeo Romeo
The Old Woodsrunner

Larry Gibson
I'd Like to Be in Texas for the Roundup in the Spring
Nighthawk Holler'd Horses
The Cowboy Song
Just Another Town
Thunder Road
Sarah Hogan
Ridin' My Thumb to Mexico
Goodbye to Montana
Hear the Sound of the Guitar
Shadow of the Rockies
Saddle Tramp
Down the Road I'll Go
Rustlers Blues
Big Sky Dreams
"Regular Folks" ("Let's Roll")
Ridin' Single
Spanish Guitar
Cross the Brazos At Waco
Trail That Never Ends

Not on CDs

Amarillo By Morning
Someday Soon

Wayne Nelson
Springtime in Idaho
Dadburned Guitar
Scatter My Ashes
"Stock Detective"
Two Sides of Lonesome
"Ticket to the Sky"
Old Timer
Dry Valley Waltz
Monte the Night Calver
Quarter Turn
Chiricaua Moon
Tibo and the Bear

Songs not written by Wayne Nelson
and not on any of his CDs

Heart of Saturday Night
Hobo's Lullaby
Donna Correy
Sultans of Swing

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